Cabin Air Filter Replacement


Two filters – part # 80292-T6N-A01 x 2


  • JIS #1 and #2 screwdriver; I bought mine on Amazon. (You can use Phillips screwdrivers in a pinch, but run the risk of stripping screw heads. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.) All Hondas, and apparently most/all Japanese cars, use JIS screws instead of Phillips, so it’s worthwhile investing in the proper tools.
  • 8mm socket and driver/ratchet
  • Hook pick (optional but recommended)
  • Headlamp (optional but recommended) or other light source.


  1. Remove passenger dashboard undercover by removing 3 clips with JIS #1 driver.

Turn the centre of the clip a quarter-turn until it pops up, then pull out clip. If the entire clip turns, hold the outer edge with your other hand to keep it from turning.

  1. Disconnect the 3 electrical connectors on the right side of the Telematics Control Unit (arrow). Using JIS#2 driver, unscrew 3 screws securing the unit and remove.

  1. Use 8mm socket to remove the 4 bolts securing bottom of glovebox.

  1. Open glovebox and unscrew the 3 screws along top edge using JIS#1 driver.

There are 4 clips on the back of the glovebox holding it in place. Pull the glovebox out to disengage those clips. You can’t pull it out all the way: Note the USB port and the 2 switches on the left hand side of the glovebox. You will deal with those next.

  1. There are 4 electrical connectors on the back, corresponding to the USB port and switches. Disconnect them. Note which connector goes where (take photo for reference).

There is also a harness holder on the back right hand side of the glovebox that you need to unclip. It slides off, but the top of the clip really grips the tab on the glovebox. I used a hook pick to lift the top part. It slid off easily after that.

  1. The glovebox should now slide out.
  2. The right filter cover is visible, but the left is blocked by the Climate Control Unit.

Disconnect the 3 electrical connectors (arrows). Using JIS#2, remove the 2 circled screws. Remove unit.

  1. You have FINALLY reached the filters! Remove the 2 covers by pressing the tab on the right side of the cover (arrow), then swinging it out to unhook the left side of the cover.

The two filters are exposed. Note the airflow direction on them (arrow should point down).

Remove and replace with new filters, making sure they are oriented properly. Those old filters were in the car for 3 years and 20k miles. They were definitely in need of replacement.

  1. Re-install everything in reverse order: Filter covers, CCU, glovebox connectors and harness clip, glovebox, TCU, dashboard undercover.

When re-attaching the undercover, note that there are two studs that go into the two holes at the back of the cover.

  1. Check that the rear trunk button and door handle pop out still work. Also ensure that USB port works.