Night Vision-Headlight adjustment

Night Visibility issue anyone?
I had a chance to drive the car in pitch dark up in Napa last weekend.
I felt the “low beam” headlight pattern was much too low to have safe visibility. Has anyone had an issue?

I got a PDF on alignment and set up to do that procedure & it’s just a pain in the butt. The lights were low by this test but it was a tough measurement.

Then I got smart. I lined up the Tesla & the NSX and compared patterns 60′ across the street. The NSX was significantly lower.
I made a 1/4 turn Clockwise on both and settled for that for now. (It would take about 5/8-3/4 turn to be as high as the Tesla.)
The NSX headlight have a very well defined pattern, or very little “fringe area”.
The NSX is also relatively bumpy ride so that’s why I settled lower than the Tesla for now.
Night visibility is improved, but I would like it a little higher I think.

Easy to do:
A 10 mm socket & 3′ extension.
Marked both adjust with a horizontal reference line toward center line of car.
1/2 turn is a significant change…
Picture & PDF below


[Another Owner feed back: QUOTE=L.L.;1959570]The guide for adjustment with visuals was very helpful. The visibility prior to adjustment was horrible at high speeds. The ideal setting for me is one full turn higher than stock. It probably could go another 1/4 to 1/2 turn before blinding other cars but probably not needed at this point.[/QUOTE]

Acura NSX Headlight adjustment pdf:

61T6N-NSX Headlight adjustemnts