Dash Alarm – What does that mean?

We have seen that the NSX DASH Alarms are “Generic”, or just to let you know that you’ve got a problem…

A typical dash alert might be:  “electric Parking brake system”, alternating with “System emission”… (Scary Alerts with big problems, or no problem at all!)

Unless you have an OBD module, you’re clueless as to what is going on….

OBD units use the associated App on your smart phone. (I carry one in the car for use on-track data logging… and fault detection, if I need to know.)

Some NSX owners have found the same dash alarm for:

code P0128 – a thermostat problem

code P0161 – an O2 sensor

code P0565 –  false!

OBD port monitors are inexpensive. I bought a couple types. The $20 VEEPACK seemed to work just fine (lots of choices).