Identification Numbers

There are several numbers that will identify your NSX.  The most well-known is the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number).  In addition, there are identification numbers for the engine, the three electric motors, and the transmission.  There is also a special Serial Number unique to each car.


The VIN is located in three areas:  The base of the windshield on the driver’s side, on the floor behind the passenger seat, and on the certification label in the driver’s side door jamb.

The VIN is a unique, standardized code that identifies each vehicle.  The format can vary depending on country.

Using mine as an example, here is what it can tell you:

19U NC1B0 9 H Y 800116

First three characters represents the World Manufacturer Identifier, in this case 19U represents Acura.  In addition, the first character indicates country of manufacture, in this case 1 is the United States.

The next five characters is the vehicle description.  NC1 is the chassis code of the second generation NSX.

The ninth character is a check digit.

The tenth character is the model year.  H=2017, J=2018, K=2019, L=2020.  Note that the letters ‘I’, ‘O’, and ‘Q’ are not used in the VIN.  In addition, the letters ‘U’, ‘Z’ and number ‘0’ are not used for the year digit.

The eleventh character is the plant code.  Y presumably represents the Performance Manufacturing Center.

The last 6 characters is the sequential number.  Canadian market cars start with 8, while US market cars start with 0.  In this case, this is the 116th car built for the Canadian market for model year 2017.

Serial Number

The serial number is located on the rear engine cover.  Every new NSX has a unique serial number based on build order regardless of market, which allows the owner to know exactly when in the build sequence his or her car was built.  So, for example, a serial number of 100 indicates it was the 100th vehicle to be built. Unlike the sequential portion of the VIN, it does not reset each year and does not repeat. The serial number will be continuous until production of the current generation ends. Except for the very early builds, the sequential portion of the VIN and the serial number most likely won’t match.

Engine/Transmission/Motor Numbers

These are located in the following areas:

Certification Label

Located in the driver’s side door jamb, it contains some useful information.  In addition to the VIN, it also shows the vehicle’s build date and paint code.

Paint Codes

  • 130R White:  NH-854
  • Casino White Pearl:  NH-839P
  • Source Silver Metallic:  NH-837M
  • Valencia Red Pearl:  R-556P
  • Curva Red:  R-559
  • Nord Grey Metallic:  G-544M
  • Nouvelle Blue Pearl:  B-605P
  • Berlina Black:  NH-547

The paint code on the certification label may also have an extra suffix that indicates the interior color:

  • Ebony (black):  No suffix
  • Red:  X
  • Orchid (Seacoast in Canada):  V
  • Saddle:  Z