Roof Console – Radar Detector 12V Wiring access

It is easy to find 12V access in the Roof Console.

Using the “Mirror Tap” product gives easy & very clean access to ignition controlled 12V.

My installation used “Mirror Tap” & “Blend mount” products. I did not have to run wiring along the roof liner and go into the fuse panel.

Roof console module access is:  Roof Console Module 61T6NP2

NSX Wiring diagrams are here:  NSX auto dim mirror wiring connector (1)

NSX mirror wiring is here:  NSX auto dim mirror wiring connector (1)

This photo shows the product info and the installation: 

Every picture tells a story…
Opened the roof console per the instructions above. (Note there is a small cutout in 2 places to CAREFULLY release the light bezels, with a SMALL screwdriver…)
Two bolts (10mm socket) release the module…
The Mirror connector is on the left with the harness end attached to the roof. I removed it, but you don’t need to. (use the mirror side wiring)
The Pin 1, 12V, “lt’s grn” changes to Red on mirror side connector.
The Gnd is pin3… so its Blk

(And yes, it must be NSX magic how 3 wires go to the 5 wire mirror 😉
I chased down the interior wiring… OK, look above for:
NSX auto dim mirror wiring connector (1).pdf
NSX interior lights wiring.pdf

Lots of room up there & easy to feed the Escort connector down the same mirror wire cover in the windshield… (I bought the Escort iX because everyone else bought all the others… A year later, not that impressed 😉

Both the Blend Mount and Mirror Tap make this very easy & clean… JUST REMEMBER TO GET THE 20′ CABLE Mirror Tap… My 15″ install is a little tight… AND the right connector option for your detector!

Note that I did try to find a place to use the suction cup mount that comes with the detector. I do not believe it can be put in the “shaded area so that the GPS receiver can see the sky thru the “shade”…

Also, since the NSX 12V is “switched” so you can leave the unit ‘Auto Off” off, and then it comes on and off with the car.

End of Story…
Mirror Tap is the perfect solution… no wiring; 1 piece of shrink tube; well designed product!
Be sure to order the 20″ version with correct connector for your unit, of course. I got a 15″ version & its length is ok, but more slack would be better.
There are 4 sizes of “inserts” & I used the 2nd smallest for “+” & “-” leads, into the back of the light green mirror plug.
Pin 1 is “+” RED wire & pin 3 is “-” Black…
Pretty much done.

Sidebar Note 1 re GPS reception: My Escort GPS does not seem to receive through the NSX Glass, but it is OK under the center “dotted” mirror section.
Sidebar Note 2 about Blend Mount
Its expensive but perfect for the NSX. They do not provide the magnet & expect you to use that part from the Escort mount you received… I believe this mount allows the GPS to “see” the sky better than through the suction cup.