How To Update Your Map – Acura Navigation Updates

The following vehicle comes with 10 years of complimentary map updates:

  • 2017-2018 Acura NSX

Your Dash will notify you if there is new SW available.

Your dealer should be able do this, but mine could not complete the task. My dealer tried but the corporate system security would not allow them to download an executable file, so they could not complete the process…

It’s easy to update your Navigation maps if you want to. I went home and followed the instructions and updated my Mapping.

Instruction tell you:

” To perform these updates you will need the following:
 16 GB USB drive
 High-speed Internet connection
 Up to 4 hours of time

(I found DL, & install time to be just a few minutes each. It does NOT take 4 hours! Probably 30-45 minutes running back and forth between your computer and the car with a “memory stick”… you can use either USB port. I’m sure my 2nd time will take 15 minutes…)

The following link will take you to the instructions to do it.

This is what my Nov 2017 updated SW shows: