Oil Change Drip Tray and Filter Replacement

Content Credit: Eric Crowder

Make sure you have the “lip” of the tray pushed past the lip of the filter housing to avoid spills

It took a large amount of force to push the element into position, even with lubing all the rubber bits with new motor oil. Make sure this ridge is exposed or the element isn’t all the way pushed on

Total Sales By Color

US NSX Color Mix
Valencia Red Pearl 18%
130R White 18%
Berlina Black 18%
Casino White Pearl 13%
Nouvelle Blue Pearl 12%
Curva Red 10%
Source Silver Metallic 9%
Nord Grey Metallic 3%
Thermal Orange Pearl 0%

Global NSX Color Mix
Valencia Red Pearl 21%
130R White 19%
Casino White Pearl 15%
Berlina Black 14%
Nouvelle Blue Pearl 11%
Curva Red 10%
Source Silver Metallic 7%
Nord Grey Metallic 3%
Thermal Orange Pearl 0%

Car won’t go into drive. Same lights as thermostat.

Acura has noted that this is a known and documented issue internally but only have affected a very small amount of units, replacement part is same part #.

Issue: 3rd brake light shorted out causing the b5 fuse to blow which ties into the system that determines if your foot is on the brake or not. If this fuse goes out, you will be unable to crank the car. You can check to see if you’re experiencing the issue by simply checking to see if pressing the brake activates the 3rd brake light

Temporary solution: In the fuse box under the hood, use one of the spare fuses to get the car to crank(note: it may also blow that fuse so don’t shut the car off). This will at least prevent you from being stranded like I was.

Permanent resolution: Replace 3rd brake light unit and the b5 fuse.

Replacing Twin Motor Unit Fluid

The twin motor unit fluid is replaced by the maintenance minder’s interval (there isn’t a specific mileage because it is determined by use). The only fluid recommended to be changed based on time is engine oil (once a year, regardless of mileage) and brake fluid (every three years).

First maintenance codes after one year are AB6 . 6 = twin motors

Contributor: René Koos

Technical: Sound System

Report from the audio front lines…

1) The factory sub signal has a 50Hz low pass filter on it. Midbass information has to be recovered from the door speaker signals.

2) The amplifier has some kind of protection mode for the door speakers where it lowers the whole system volume upon the detection of sustained mid bass content.

3) The car is actually *too well sealed* to support the airflow requirements of an upsized subwoofer when the windows are up. The seals between the doors and the pillars, and other parts of the interior, are so good that the constant air pressure pushing back on the subwoofer is substantial. This may explain both the tuning of the factory sub, and the protection mode… pushing against high air pressure for sustained durations could cause amplifier overheat.

Stereo shop and system tuner (who have plenty of experience with other Honda/Acura systems including the ELS ones) were scratching their heads for a while until this picture all came together.

Contributor: ‎Ben Englert‎

Winter Storage Note

I put my NSX in winter storage on Nov 15th, 2017. I connected the OEM charger (CTEK) every two weeks to top up the 12 V battery. I started my NSX today after 2 1/2 months of sitting. The EV battery was at about 85% so hadn’t lost much in 2 1/2 months. The car started instantly and ran smoothly. Put it in Sport Plus and the EV battery was fully charged in about 5 minutes. I think once the EV battery is fully charged it will last 6 months. As usual Honda is being conservative recommending a 30 minute run every 90 days.

Submitted by Jim Cross

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